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Introduction to analysis

The analysis package of pythonlabtools contains a set of pure-python routines for carrying out many useful functions common in the physical sciences. If differs from packages such as SciPy in that it provides everything in pure-python form, so it is easier to install, and is much smaller. However, it is not intended to be a competitor for SciPy and such. It provides different content.

The main large modules in analysis are the and provides a very strong basis of support for generalized non-linear least-squares fitting, including bootstrapping (resampling), weighted fits, correlated data fits, inverse Hessian, Levenberg-Marquardt, and singular-value-decomposition Hessian searches. provides a framework for carrying out numerical operations on smooth (twice-differentiable) functions, especially (but not limited to) cubic splines. It provides fast root finding (using inverse quadratic extrapolation) and fast adaptive integration (10th order convergence, if the derivatives are well behaved).


Typical Use Cases

Fitting functions
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